And transported us to Paris..

When it comes to the French Luxury Fashion House YSL, it only takes one glance to identify it’s modern and iconic signature style. Oozing attitude and a touch of European flare with it’s signature structured attire and black + gold hardware, it’s a label that you recognise instantly.

It’s also one close to our hearts, as a YSL monogram bag was the first designer piece that entered our Editor, Holly’s, wardrobe. It still is, and will always be, a staple piece in her collection. YSL’s latest release fragrance, Mon Paris, is no different.

Inspired by Paris, the city of intense love, this new found fragrance making it’s way to the front of our collection transports us to the Parisian cobblestone streets. Sipping on espressos, croissant in hand and your love holding the other. Bliss!

This sensual and feminine fragrance exudes the notes of red berries and pear, balanced with creamy white musks and patchouli. One smell of this passionate fragrance will steal your heart and transport it to Paris. As Audrey Hepburn famously once quoted – “Paris is always a good idea”.

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