..we are living for these larger-than-life silhouettes!

We are leaving teeny tiny hand bags behind and saying hello to totes again! Whilst miniature bags were all the buzz that seemed to never die down, larger bags have tote-ally made a comeback (cheeky pun intended of course!) and we are living for these larger-than-life silhouettes! 

Tote bags are not only loved for their fun and statement shapes but for their practical appeal! The perfect bags to carry all of your necessities and more! Choose classic shapes like this beige beauty from JW Anderson or opt for something a bit more sculptural with this Little Liffner tote inspired by the petals of blooming tulips. You can play with colour or print and choose something like this monogram Gucci style that is timeless and elegant without looking dated. Whether it be an everyday bag, work bag, holiday bag, beach bag or a statement piece to complement your outfit, there is something for every style and occasion. 

A larger silhouette can also be a great option for picnic days and hold everything you could possibly need from a blanket to snacks, making for the perfect companion. 

The practical yet stylistic flair of tote bags have seen them instantly gain popularity, especially becoming a favourite comeback amongst the I-carry-my-entire-life-in-my-bag kind of people – I mean aren’t we all secretly this person… So, it’s time to pull out that old tote that you have been wanting to use for months or begin the hunt on finding the perfect one for your wardrobe! 




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