The Timeless Timepiece

Our guide to your perfect watch..

When it comes to watches, we think personal and we think luxury. While luxury watches are expensive (no easy way around it) they are worth every cent. However, when choosing your new timepiece their are a few factors that you must consider before purchasing. We’ve made the process simple.

1. Set your budget. Are we purchasing this piece for life? Or just for the next few years? Do we want luxury? Or something casual? 

2. Who are you? Are you a businessman who needs a watch to impress? Or are you all about street style? Or maybe you’re an outdoorsman? 

3. The Watch. Are you after classic or modern? Digital or monologue? What type of watch band? Rubber? Leather? The colour. Black? Brown? Maybe all silver? 

A watch is a very personal accessory and something most can’t live without. Make the investment and never be late again..



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