It all begins with the past with Dior. Yesterday inspires today..

Fashion has always been informed from the past. We can think of it as never truly being new rather something that is reinterpreted from different perspectives throughout time. No one merges the past and future quite like Dior’s new Creative Director Kim Jones, capturing the spirit of the brand’s heritage with a contemporary twist. His designs celebrate how the past and future coexist with innovation and great character. 

It all begins with the past. Yesterday inspires today. Mr Dior has been known for his classic grey suits but this time, Kim Jones adds his own creative flair and it is everything we want and need in the 21st century! 

With crafted tailoring still at its core, this modern grey suit adds contemporary touches of a double breasted design that is sleek and effortless. The future of menswear is paved through this suit which unapologetically breaks the barriers of gender, taking inspiration from the renowned couture codes of Dior’s history. 

The male suit borrows women’s couture aesthetics with a detachable silk satin lapel detail that drapes down. A fresh and different take on a somewhat rigid grey suit that is still sophisticated with an edge.

Attention: Men are starting to take style advice from the ladies! I mean it was about time right! Forgo a shirt underneath and embrace the shirtless look under a suited set inspired by strong feminine suiting and start imaging the future of possibilities.

We move forward by taking the charms of the past and finding ways to continue to reconstruct them today and in times to come – this is what fashion is all about…




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