THE "day tripper" LOOK

Guys, do you ever look at girls and think, “I wish I could carry a hand bag?” Our guess is probably not, although there may be a few exceptions. But we bet when you’re out for the day you need a place to store your wallet, phone, water and all the daily necessities. Well! Do we have just the solution for you. A backpack! And no, we’re not talking about those dorky ones like the kids wear for school or the big bulky one’s tourists are seen sporting. We’re talking luxe, We’re talking leather!

While they don’t scream ‘I’m a tourist’ a leather or faux leather backpack (for you vegans) is the perfect combination of sophistication meets practicality. Not to mention how epic they look. So the next time you step out in your everyday casual attire and think ‘I wish I had somewhere to store all my manly goodies’. Be an innovator and get a hold of a backpack. You’ll never look back.





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