Leather never looked so chic!

We’ve seen it time and time again, trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s making comebacks – bigger and bigger than they had before. This trend is one of them.

Leather (including the vegan variety) is back in the spotlight after undoubtably taking over the runways of NYC, Paris and London. It led the way at Tibi, Phillip Lim, Zimmermann, as well as at presentations such as Nanuska, however we’ve seen a reinvention of what it once was. 

Gone are the days of the oversized biker jackets. Tailoring has taken the over the trend with designers sporting new look pieces such as the leather blazer, kick pants (like the Phillip Lim beauties spotted above)  and dreamy leather midi dresses. Also, don’t get us started on knee length leather boots! This Nanuska midi caught our eye recently, finding a special place in our wardrobe for an upcoming Paris trip.

We’ve also been a sucker for Nanuska’s leather puffer jacket, spotted wearing one here, during our recent trip to NYC. So we admit, we do have a soft spot for this returning trend.

You may ask however, how do you style this classic trend? Simple.. with classic pieces. Tailored trousers and blazers, or midi length dresses are an easy go-to with leather. Depending on the colour, we’d reach for matching tones. All finished off with a touch of gold (such as our trusty Cluse timepiece), or in our case, a lathering of it! 

View a few of our favourite leather pieces below!


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