Sometimes, we need to press a reset button and just slow down..

We can all agree that each year somehow feels like it goes by quicker than the last. Within an instance, an entire year goes by without us even realising – a year full of ups and downs, achievements and setbacks and most importantly an album of memories to cherish for the next years to come. In our busy lives these days, everything goes by within a flash and we can forget to take a moment to sit back and take it all in. 

Sometimes, we need to press a reset button and just slow down. It sounds so easy to just ‘slow down and take a breath’ but oh how we take it for granted and go about our daily lives without taking some much needed timeout for ourselves. 

As another incredible year comes to a close it’s time to enjoy a period of rest and rejuvenation with yourself and your loved ones before turning over the page of a new year. 

Slowing down to appreciate those around you who help and support you as well as appreciating your own hardwork and company is such an important part that we often forget to give time to. It’s important to take a break, kick back and relax.

Whatever your choice of relaxation may be – it’s all about enjoying the break. Whether that be practising mindfulness, getting back to an old passion or hobby, spending time with family and friends, reflecting in some quite contemplation or just letting yourself run freely under the basking sun as your bare feet feel the warmth of the ground. Whatever it might be, it’s important to slow down this Christmas before life begins to get all too busy again!

Part of slowing down is springing back feeling refreshed and sparkly so enjoy taking out some time these holidays for your loved ones as well as for your own personal wellbeing and get ready for the new year of 2020!






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