Question, can a lady wear a mens suit?

It's all shades of grey..

The tough debate that we’re wanting to get to the bottom of.. is it acceptable for a lady to wear a mens suit?

A suit demands attention. It provides a sense of authority. When you think suiting, you think power. Feminine suiting is everywhere right now and possibly one of the biggest trends to hit the fashion world of late. But what about masculine suiting? Think big, think bold. Ladies are short for choice when on the hunt for oversized.

So why not reach for a mens blazer? What the heck – even a mens suit pant! I’m sure you can guess our stand point – well Holly’s anyway, as she wears Shauns clothes on the daily. We’re all for the oversized suit and not afraid to shop in the mens section.

UNIQLO suiting caught Holly’s attention. On a side note, so too did the cashmere sweaters. When paired together, it’s all shades of grey! (pun intended)

We’d love to hear your stand point – do you agree? One thing I think everyone can agree on.. Women do wear the pants.


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