More is more when referring to Kate Spade..

Forget the usual mantra!

I am sure you are all familiar with the motto ‘Less is More’. It’s a mantra we aim to live by here at Base Colour, and not just when referring to the endless amount of denim jeans piled high in our wardrobe that we should have thrown out yeeeears ago! We apply this to everything in life.. until now. Forget what you have heard! More is more when referring to the new Kate Spade’s Spring 19 Collection. We can’t get enough!

Whether we are talking about the longer length hems on their jaw dropping midi and maxi dresses, the print clashing coolness of the RTW and accessories, or just the layers and layers of dreamy tops & dresses styled with double bags. More certainly is more when referring to Kate Spade – even the most dedicated minimalist would have to agree!


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