.. when you feel it completely necessary to pack the entire contents of your overflowing wardrobe.

When it comes to going on a holiday, I think we can all agree that not many people can master the dreaded task of packing. 

While it’s exciting at the beginning, soon the excitement wears off and all interest is lost, and then yep – you guessed it! You forget the essentials. Here at Base Colour we understand that packing is an art in itself, so we wanted to simplify it, providing you with your ultimate guide to packing with the help of our good friends at TUMI Luggage.

Let’s set it straight, packing is no simple task. We must ensure all the necessary items are packed and secure, and defining necessary is quite possibly the hardest part.

There are 2 types of people in this world. The light packers and the not so light packers *cough cough*. These people pack for the ‘what ifs’ or ‘just incase’ scenarios. We know a lot of ‘what if’ packers, so we want to offer those people a little help. Take note of what we are about to mention because we’ve thought of absolutely everything you should consider on that next trip..





This quite seriously may be the most crucial element of packing for anyone! Travelling is all about convenience, and let us tell you, we’ve dealt with some pretty unconventional luggage bags in the past. Bags without wheels. Bags that weigh a ton. Bags that don’t want to wheel the way you want them to. Trust us, it’s not fun. So if you are looking to travel often (and travel quite conveniently) you need to invest in quality luggage.

Our good friends at TUMI are honestly the best in the biz when it comes to luggage. Whether it be for business trips, family holidays or romantic weekends away, there is luggage in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit anyones needs! Our current favourite collection is the ARRIVE Collection – sleek, stylish and beyond practical!


With limited weight comes limited packing. So when it comes to the beauty department we suggest keeping it simple. After all we want to save every bit of that precious weight just incase we do some retail therapy (which is more than likely). SO.. we suggest buying your favourite skin care products in travel size and keeping them in a compact travel kit, like our favourite TUMI one HERE. Not only are they cute, but super handy!

For us, we always make sure we have either a hydrating mask or mist (because we all know how harsh plane trips are- hello shrivelled up skin!). Hand cream is a must, so is roll on deodorant, and then there is the make-up.. Please don’t go overboard! Stick to the basics; foundation, mascara, bronzer and highlighter. I mean girls, you can always buy some along the way right?


Depending on the adventure you’re about to go on, this will dictate the shoes you pack. Now listen up ladies, we all think we need options! However shoes are heavy and remember we only have limited and very precious weight. So narrow it down to black, white or neutral colours. Shoes that are versatile and comfortable. Although you want to be stylish, their needs to be some practicality involved. Swap the high heels for kitten heels and ensure you have a pair of sneakers (always) and a pair of boots and/or sandals, depending on the location. No one wants to be wearing a pair of 8inch heels on a hike around town right?!

If you are a bit of a fashionista, we understand that you take pride in your shoes, meaning that you probably don’t want them squished up in your checked in luggage. Our suggestion, use your carry-on bag (our favourite is the ARRIVE carry-on) for delicate pieces like shoes and handbags. This way, they’ll be well looked after and by your side throughout your travels!


In this day and age we are constantly taking pictures and ensuring everything we eat, wear and do is ‘insta worthy’. So don’t just pack your favourite garments because you will end up with a whole lot of fabulous pieces that don’t go together.

Pack your checked-in luggage bag (our go-to is the ARRIVE Packing Case) according to head-to-toe looks that you will wear. We suggest trying on your outfits before you pack. That way you know what goes with what and you can even plan your outfits to work with your location for the day. Once you have selected your faves, add in a few extra basics such as a silk slip dress, black blazer, white/black t-shirt or cami and black midi skirt. Trust us, this will have you avoiding the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ episodes!


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