..even on those extra fresh mornings!

We’ve all be in those sticky situations – if you’re living in Melbourne this will be far too regular – were we’re not sure whether the day will provide rain, hail or shine. Do you take the chance and risk it, leaving the jacket behind, or do you layer up and more than likely suffer the sweltering consequences? You know what, why not just be prepared for all occasions?! The key.. tran-seasonal dressing.

Instead of boots why not opt for slides? Providing that extra coverage for your tootsies, while still being versatile enough for a little sunshine.

Wear a jacket or coat, but why not wear an all white look underneath? The ultimate fresh Spring look, but providing that extra warmth for those crisp mornings.

Throw on a few extra accessories – beret, micro sunnies, gold jewels and Cluse watch – and you’ve got yourself the ultimate transeasonal look, ready for whatever the day throws at you. Just make sure you’re keeping track of time on that Cluse watch.. can’t forget that mid morning coffee break!


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