Perhaps we never felt gratitude and appreciation the way we do now?

Last year was a tough one to say the least! We saw suffering and sadness, isolation and frustration, amongst the many other emotions that continued to fluctuate. Yet between the heartbreak and hopelessness, there was still something to be gained in all that we lost.

It might sound corny but there truly is something to learn through every trouble. It presents us with an opportunity to learn and grow as we make it out the other end. Perhaps we never felt gratitude and appreciation the way we do now?

As we so fortunately begin to move back into familiar patterns and life as we knew it before, it can be cathartic to reflect back on the light we discovered through darkness.

2020 gave us a moment to pause, slow down and focus our attention inwards. Through the uncertainty we gained a clearer focus on our priorities and passions. We saw unity and community spirit like we have never seen before. We saw kindness, courage and strength.

Let us try and focus on this, embracing the good as we move forward.

Joslin’s Eclipse 21 collection captures this very duality, revealing both the fear and beauty that we experienced together. Designed and produced through Covid-19, this collection stands as a testament to our collective experience.

Delicate and dreamy silhouettes with great attention to detail. Made with natural linen fabrics, these loose flowing shapes speak for themselves through their minimal and effortless feel. Ruffles, tie details, elegant necklines, mix of textures and lace all created with warmth and care.   

It is time for a new perspective and changed outlook on what the future holds as positivity eclipses the gloom.

So here’s to fresh beginnings, strength and a sense of hope as we still continue to learn and grow together…




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