THE "monochromatic" LOOK

Minimalism. A trend the fashion industry has come to love, and more specifically we’re talking about monochromatic get-ups. By definition, monochromatic means ‘containing or using only one colour’. When hearing monochrome, we think of whites, blacks and greys and while my inspiration is grey themed, monochromatic is not limited to these shades.

Rocking a 1 colour themed outfit has never been more in. Starting with shoes and finishing with a hat, turn your drab everyday look into a cool monochromatic style. For most of you guys, black is the easiest and most accessible colour in your wardrobes, so we will start here. Pair your comfiest black pants with your fave black shoes or sneakers (for a more casual look), a plain black tee, throw a chunky black coat or jacket over the top and if you don’t think you done there, add a black hat or beanie (depending on the season). To be sure you’re not taking this street style look too far, keep the tones similar and the look minimal.





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