Get rid of those high heels and make way for something a little more comfortable..

I’m sure we’re all quite familiar with the quote – ‘beauty is pain‘ and ‘no pain, no gain‘. Well, take it from us, forget what you’ve heard! Pain no longer needs to be a factor in the fashion game.

Sneakers are slowly becoming the new norm for your everyday shoe of choice, and after Louis Vuitton’s latest Archlight Sneaker release we can safely say that comfort is the new cool.

These futuristic babies literally scream fashionably comfortable – understatement! Trust us, they’re twice as comfy as you think.

Unlike the high heels that we dread to wear but feel obliged to, you’ll be coming up with excuses left right and centre to get these ‘out of this world’ sneakers on your feet!

Oh and while you’re at it, their is no harm in checking out the bags too.. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the term – ‘treat yo’self‘?!

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