5 step guide to nailing your Spring Racing look..

Ah Spring. The time of year when flowers bloom, the weather gets warmer and most importantly.. Spring Racing Fashion!

Every year their is always the struggle of what to wear and how to wear it. This year is no exception. With all the bright colours and bold prints trending this season, it’s hard to keep up with the latest racing fashion. 

Finding the perfect outfit is one problem, but accessorising is a whole new story, so it was only fitting that SABA and Base Colour partnered in the lead up to the Spring Racing Carnival to break down the toughest decisions of all.. 

Let’s call this your 5 steps to nailing the perfect Spring Racing look!





The tough decision.. dress, suit or playsuit?

The outfit. The biggest and most likely hardest decision you’ll have to make when it comes to the Melbourne Cup Carnival. So let’s start with the obvious choice, a dress… starting with solid colours all the way to prints. Your options are endless! Easy to throw on, comfortable and most importantly, traditional. SABA have created this monochrome number, perfect for Derby Day!

Then we have the jumpsuit.. a super chic alternative to the dress. And let’s get real, with the temperature rising there is nothing easier than throwing on a killer jumpsuit. We must say, it not only looks sleek AF, but it’s THAT versatile. We love this beauty!

Lastly (and probably our favourite), the suit. The boldest outfit for only the boldest of women. Do you have what it takes? Sport a matching pant and jacket this racing season (white preferably) and we guarantee heads will turn.


Head piece.. hat, fascinator or something a little different?

When we think ‘Spring Racing Carnival’, everyone’s first thoughts go to head pieces! While the saying goes ‘bigger is better’, this year we are opting for something a little less invasive and a little less obvious.

Now let’s talk fascinators.. although these are generally mandatory to racing events why not change it up this year? Swap the unusual coloured shapes for a hat? Keep it simple. Stick to blacks, whites or straw as they’re always a good option.

So what if you’re not a hat person either? We suggest stepping outside the box and opting for a head scarf or even a little DIY. Pearls are huge right now so grab a few little clips, a handful of pearls and glue them together… Simple, subtle yet extremely cute!


The accessories.. shoes and bags!

Now this is where we struggle… shoes and bags are our weakness, so deciding on one pair of shoes and a bag is almost impossible, but we will do our best. 

Let’s start with shoes. Heels are a must when it comes to the races and let’s get real ladies, we all love pretending we are that little bit taller! However shoes can be tricky. We don’t want them sinking into the grass but we don’t want something big and chunky either. So when in doubt, we stick to simple. Opt for a strappy sandal and in a black or neutral colour way. The thicker the heel the more comfortable too! 

Now the bag… the eye candy. While big and bold is in, we suggest something a little more on the subtle side. We are obsessing over top-handle bags at the moment, so that’s our number 1 pick.


Beauty.. nails, hair & make-up!

Beauty. The base to our race day look. With our outfit staying relatively neutral, why not make a statement with a bold lip? Red is always a good idea! Just make sure you keep the lippy on hand in case of any emergencies!! Keep the eyes soft and the contour on point and you’ve got yourself the perfect race day make up! 

Now for the hair… the weather always plays a large role when it comes to deciding on our hair style.. not to mention the head piece you decide to sport on the day! But their is always two go-to looks we love and trust..

1.Hair out with a natural wave. Super simple and super stunning. The perfect way to complete your el natural look. Or then there is..

2.The slick low bun. A very chic, yet extremely elegant hairstyle. It also doesn’t get in the way of our champagne, and not to mention very wet-weather appropriate! Pair this with some red lippy and your set!


Well-dressed company.

So the outfit is perfect, you’re ready to walk out the door, but there is something missing… A handsome, well-dressed partner perhaps? We thought so! We don’t go anywhere without one.

While you don’t want to be matching because well, it’s not our school formal, make sure your partner is wear something that will work with your outfit! The classic black and white Derby Day look is the perfect and easiest option. Get him to throw on a killer suit like this one, a pair of shades, some great smelling after shave, and now you’re ready. And just when you thought your bag was the arm candy… 

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