Christmas is over, but Summer is just beginning..


$50 – $200

When it comes to the perfect gift, it’s not always how much you spend that counts. Sometimes it’s the smaller things that mean the most. So this Christmas how about something from the beauty department? Always a winner with the ladies.. We should know! Netaporter have some great value packs with beautiful product and disclaimer.. They don’t cost the earth! You’re welcome! 

$200 – $500

As we slowly get into the higher price points, we slowly get into the designer pieces. May we suggest accessories? A girl can never have enough! A air of sunglasses at Christmas are always a good idea.. Hello Summer! Or maybe a designer cardholder might be the way to go.. Now think jewellery.. A gorgeous pair of gold earrings never disappoints, trust us!

$500 – $1000

Now we’re talking! You must really love this person.. But it’s Christmas, and giving gifts is always the best part of this time of year (well sort of.. receiving them is great too!) Now that we’re aiming high, why not opt for a pair of shoes? A girl can never have too many despite what you think.. A pair of Golden Goose Sneakers perhaps? Or a pair of the Gucci Princetowns? If you’re loved one is big into scarves, what about a big, beautiful Gucci one? Perfect for the coming Winter.. Unless of course you’re spending the Holidays in Europe.. 


Okay, now you’re making us jealous.. While it’s not always necessary to spend large amounts, we will never say no.. That would be rude. So spoil your loved one with a bag this year because she needs another one.. We suggest something classic, nothing too outside the box unless you’re certain! Stick with trends, a Fendi logo bag (must have), a Gucci Marmont or maybe even a little something from Chloe? No matter which way you go, she will not be disappointed! And if you’re spending any more than this, might we suggest a holiday and can we please come?


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